sol archer


Bunho Harvest 2021

Harvesting rushes with weaving master Manuel Ferreira, and Iany Galo and Lucrezia Papillo of Macheia 

Code of Conduct workshop

On June 26 2021 I led a workshop with the Praksis Oslo Teen Advisory Board PTAB in Collaboration with Ina Hagen, to codify their responsibilities and relationships, and develop a Code of Conduct and a Living Glossary to define their working space. It will be live on the PTAB website after a period of review.

chamada aberta!

Textos Sobre KPOP, Fandom, Comunidade, e Cultura!

publication project


I am delighted that the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie will support the commissioning of new texts and the production of a publication with amateur KPOP dance groups in Brasil and Production Studio Sao Paolo

Who Makes The City

Launching soon: series of video and in person conversations about urbanism with web magazine format


Sol Archer (1983) is a Netherlands based artist working through collaboration with professional and non-professional groups, considering the encounter as a space of production. Frequently employing video as an apparatus for producing a doubling of experience; productive of ‘works’ through collective act, and through movement towards the work, productive of new collectivities and ways of being together.

This extends into a pedagogical practice on structures and systematising group environments focussed on self reflexive film-making practices and the legacy of collaborative film practice in relation to ethnofiction.  

Sol has exhibited widely, including in the Sydney Biennial, Sydney, AU; Rozenstraat, Amsterdam, Golden Thread, Belfast, Northern Ireland, NL; Le Crac19, Montbeliard, FR; Index Foundation, Stockholm, SE; TULCA, Galway, IR; Le Lieu Unique, Nantes, FR; MuKHA, Antwerp, BE; and more.

Residency programs Sol has participated in include the Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht, NL; Capacete, Rio de Janeiro, BR; IASPIS, Stockholm, SE; Vicinities, Belfast, UK; PHLOX, Huns, NL; AIR Anterp, BE; Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam, NL; and Digital Art Studios, Belfast, UK


to walk around,

to walk


Collaboration with the Vila Autódromo, Cristina Ribas, & Lucas S. Icó.

Three Channel Digital Video

Vila Autódromo is a community on the periphery of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, that partially survived violent and protracted evictions undertaken by the city administration to clear land for the 2016 Olympic site. 

The self-built neighbourhood was established in the 1960s, originally starting by labourers in the fishing and construction industries building a small village between nature reserves and the lagoon. The neighbourhood, coveted by real estate developers since the city has grown to envelop the region, was subjected to particularly brutal military police action during the development of the Olympic site. 

Artists Cristina Ribas and Lucas S. Icó have been working with the community during and since their eviction, collecting a glossary of the struggle, and aiding in the birth of the Museu das Remoções – The Museum of Evictions, a grass roots organisation linking, supporting, and memorialising evicted communities in Rio.

In 2018 the Museu das Remoções, Cristina Ribas, Lucas S. Icó, myself, and members of the Vila community organised a number of workshops utilising techniques from Boals Theatre of the Oppressed to re-enact and memorialise the theatrical practices of the dispersed Vila Autódromo community. Engaging with collective acts of memory, play, and improvisation these workshops form the basis for theatrical re-telling, re-inscribing and re-orientating communal experience. 

The central video of To Walk Around, To Walk Afar is derived from these theatrical workshops. Accompanying it are two partner videos, the first joining Denise Costa dos Santos, who lived in the community since childhood, on her daily walk up the local mountain and back again. This is her daily route where she collects recyclable materials from which she makes her living. She discusses moments from her memory, her perceptions and reactions to the environment, and her practice of walking as self care. The third video follows a circular path around the former site of the neighbourhood, reverting to partially tended forest surrounding the single surviving house. 

Commissioned by Adeline Lépine, for the (Con)Vivências, at le Crac 19, Montbéliard, France. With Cristina Ribas and Lucas S. Icó. Researched and filmed whilst on the Mondriaan Fonds supported Capacete Residency in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.